Can We Guess Why We're Challenged?

Fall in love with challenge.  

 The fighter keeps moving.

The fighter keeps moving.

Because if everything went right all the time, then there would be nothing to contrast those experiences against. Through the downs we appreciate the immense values of the ups.  

Don't get me wrong - I've experienced my fair share of downs during my journey. As a matter of fact, I write to you right now experiencing one. There seems to be no end to the trenches I currently trudge through, and that's okay. 

I can't know right now why negative hints are happening for me - but I don't need to guess:  

Because, it's all about context; about how we choose to interpret the experiences we go through. We determine the reason for things happening to ourselves.


Is it simply a bad day? Or is it an opportunity to better ourselves through perseverance and take a lesson from what we experience.