People Are Freaking Out About How To Get Things Done

 Putting in the hustle.

Putting in the hustle.

In his highly praised book ‘Get Things Done’ - David Allen discusses an extremely simple method to employ to complete the important things in our lives, stress free and productively. 

The meat of the method comes down to two things:

1. The mind is not a tool for storing information. Rather it is a tool for idea and content generation. 

Interestingly enough, this holds true in psychology, were we know that the minds working memory (memory of things which you are currently aware of) can only hold 5-9 pieces of individual information at a time. 

Therefore, David suggests that we brain dump as much information as we can when we come across good ideas, or things we need to do. This way we free up the storage space of the mind - as well as precious processing power - to formulate new ideas for the things that matter

A tool such as Evernote can be extremely useful for brain dumping; I use it myself regularly. 


2. The most effective method in getting things done is to simply do them. Rather than suggesting any short cut methods to completing the work, or having a special model for more effective output; the best method to get things done is to simply do them, one step at a time.

By considering the most important items we must complete from the brain dump, we can order our thoughts in order of importance to do what must be done. 


The second part of the process makes immense sense. Instead of getting overwhelmed with how I should perform a task, the proven formula of simply doing it makes much more sense. Often, overwhelm for completing things comes in the form of uncertainty as to how to start. 

We're better of simply beginning, and improvising from there.