A Situation Only Helpful People Will Understand

Have you ever given great advice? You know the type of advice that you know can change the life of someone else for the better. Something so incredible, you wonder how long you held such powerful information inside you.

Let me ask you another question? How many times have you followed through on that advice you've given, for yourself? I bet the answer is not as many times as you'd hope and/or want.

 Helping others, often helps ourselves.

Helping others, often helps ourselves.

We all have an extremely powerful inner voice which guides us - however, often we don't choose to listen to that inner voice. But when the adversity of others comes upon us, we rely on that inner voice to give advice on what others should do next. Oftentimes, because we are compelled to contribute to the growth of others. 

So imagine instead, that contributed to the growth of yourself; that you listened to what the inner voice in you is saying, and acted upon the words told - great things follow.