Good On Them

Each and every one of us is currently at a different point in our journey. Each has had unique experiences, and with them unique lessons learnt.  


And yet despite this, individuals tend to compare themselves to others; individuals at different points in their lives, look at the progress of others and compare themselves to them. 

This practice is useful for those who look to others as examples of what they can follow, to achieve what they set out to do (i.e. a role model). However, where this process tends to become toxic is where people inherit feelings of envy/jealousy from the experience of comparison.

In these times, it is helpful to consider that Wah individual had gone through their own dealing of hardships to get where they are today. In recognising the achievements of others it is better to instead of feel envy; feel empathy and drive instead.  

An empathy for the work done to achieve what they've done, and a drive to follow their example if we strive for something they have.