What Is Your Legacy?


The topic of ones legacy is not considered often enough, but does hold enormous purpose. It is the only known type of immortality known to humankind - as that which is remembered can never truly die. 

 How will your memory be cherished?

How will your memory be cherished?

Your legacy is how people will remember you after your passing. It is the value which you pass on to those who precede you after your death and it is the embodiment of the value you placed upon yourself during your time experiencing your current journey through life. 

More importantly, our legacy is our gift to the world. It is the culmination of all of our efforts which are being passed down to each and every person who inhabits the earth. 

And so, we must ask ourselves whether or not we wish to pass on a glorious gift to each life that lives after us, or whether we will whisp away with the passage of time, never to be remembered again.

You have the power to change now. it starts with your legacy; with what you decide to do right now.