Growth To The Outside

Life is what we make it.

There are two zones of activity with which we may operate within:

  1. The Comfort Zone
  2. The Discomfort Zone
  There is always experience awaiting us. (Photo by   serge   on   Unsplash )

There is always experience awaiting us. (Photo by serge on Unsplash)

That which happens within the former zone on our journeys is that which is well known and automatic. The habits of our day to day, the activities which we are experts in performing (and ergo provide no challenge), and the people whom we are required to see day in and day out. It is important that we have comfort zones, for they provide the mind ease to operate calmly and look after our basic needs.

The latter zone however, is where the zest of life is sprinkled on our journey.  In this area of life, action is taken with our complete focus; it is the area of new experience, fear, risk, new individuals, interests which we may have been previously unaware, and infinite possibility outside the realm of the unknown.

Take for example a young man who maintains a steady habit of day to day. Wake up, get prepared for the day in the same way, go to work, meet known colleagues, finish work, return home, indulge in entertainment known to be enjoyable, prepare for rest, end the day.

As time moves past, there is often conflict found in the individuals psyche as described above. Life is more meaningful when filled with excitement, and so the comfort zone becomes a self made trap of uninterest with life and all it has to offer.

However take for example the same individual, who makes an effort at the end of each week to partake in experiences unbeknownst to them beforehand. Perhaps a physical activity like rock climbing, or a mentally stimulating one like a book club. Perhaps a social outing like attending a jazz performance.

There are an abundance of experiences out there to be had, and all can provide the benefits of the did-comfort zone.