To Be Heard

A young woman decided one day that she would inform the people of her city that they could achieve all that they wanted. She had a voice, and recently her parents had bought her a megaphone as a birthday present.
After much consideration and planning, the girl took her megaphone with her as she paraded the streets of her city announcing that there was much that people could do.

However, to her surprise, not many people listened.

The girl was surprised. How could this be? She had a voice and a message to tell the masses. The people should listen to what she had she had to say; or so she thought.

The girl gave up on her short term passion of speaking into a megaphone and instead chose to pursue her passion. With time she perfected her craft and gained respect from those who received value from her work.

As time passed, the young lady found that as she provided value through her work, more people hung onto every word which she would speak.

As more people listened, the power of her megaphone grew more and more. Eventually, the message that the girl wanted to spread in the beginning, could finally be heard properly by those whom she wanted to share it with.

To be listened to, the young girl had to receive respect. To receive respect, value had to be given to those who were to receive the message. To give value, consistent action had to be taken