The Mirror Is False

Is that which we see in the mirror a representation of reality? Can there be distortions in the material which presents the picture back to us, framing a new perspective in the mind?

Commonly this is the case. Many reflective materials portray the world back to a viewer in a way which does not represent the actuality. Imperfections in materials create odd ways in which light is reflected, which creates an inaccurate image.

Subjectivity plays a huge part in an individuals perception of their reflection. The truth is, that which we see on a reflective material in no way represents how someone actually looks. To add to this, beliefs, notions, thoughts and filters which are already set within the mind further distort the image; the way we see an image depends often on how we want to see it.

Combined with imperfect materials, reflections should never be taken too seriously. Inner belief about the physical appearance of oneself are far more important than the image on the material.