One will often find either their best friend or their worst enemy when facing a mirror. 

Discipline is a craft that requires understanding of the self and utilisation of that knowledge. The understanding that as an individual all are different and it is up to the self to monitor, maximise and balance their own performance. A necessary part of life on the journey for success, practising self discipline is often found to be the ingredient that will make all of the difference. 

It must be mentioned that self discipline is training as opposed to punishment. A shift in mind set (that which determines all on the journey) to view self discipline as training, oftentimes creates a welcoming set of associations, rather than resistance.

The following are tools to assist in proactivity:

  1. The removal of temptation is a key step in ensuring the focus required to follow through. By examining which sets of associations trigger a particular habit, one will be able to remove those things which reignite an unwanted action pattern. 
  2. Maintain a regimen of healthy and regular consumption. This will allow for peak levels of performance by the body (thus resulting in higher quality action) as well as the prefrontal cortex (that which regulates the mind, decision, emotion and clarity). 
  3. Never wait for things to feel right. There are phenomenons in psychology which show that physical brain activity amplifies a feeling of uneasiness when one embraces a new pattern of action. Perseverance of the action for 20 minutes maximum, will result in the mind writing the behaviour and following through. Simply do, then persist. 
  4. Reward oneself. The dopamine release of beneficial reward for completing a task is a fantastic tool in being accountable to one self. 
  5. Recognise human nature. It is near impossible to be consistent all of the time. When one slips up, recognise what caused it, accept that one is human, learn from the experience and try again. 

Much can be said about the individual who attempts a course of action repeatedly over those who have their power over to their circumstance.