Right Now

In any and all situations, the best time to perform an action or follow through with a commit is the present.

It is RIGHT NOW that action should be taken. Not in 5 minutes, not tomorrow, but now. Momentum, decision making strength, confidence, esteem, results and more all improve significantly and positively whenever and wherever an action is taken right now.

Take a moment to think of the abundance of times that actions have been put off. It would be fair to say that 95% of the time, those actions would be performed far later than would have been preferred, or not at all. This is due to the expectations which form whenever action is put off.

Whenever action is delayed, the mind automatically assumes that this is an okay habit of decision making. In time, this response becomes the minds autopilot process towards tasks which are stressful, or which require time/practice.

However when action is taken immediately there is little to no time for this damaging habit to form. Over time, the hits of dopamine which will flood the brain following action begin to awake a power which has most likely remained dormant for many years. The power to decide and act. A power which changes lives instantly.