The act of mindfulness can be described in those moments when one is completely absorbed in the present; whether it’s focused on a task, or curious of the current environment. It is those moments when every detail of our current experience breaks through the window of auto-pilot and life becomes incredibly present.

Mindfulness serves as a function of complete commitment to the present. There is massive benefits which come from this approach to carrying out ones journey.

The greatest benefit of mindfulness comes in the form of peace. The act of placing complete focus on the immediate present, has a highly calming effect on the mind; the past and future remove themselves from cognition, left with only what is directly happening to be considered.

When one takes the time to be more present, gratitude will also be found to immediately follow. An appreciation of surroundings intensifies, as one takes a moment to examine every sound, colour, feeling, person, experience, taste and more takes place right before them.

Mindfulness is an invaluable tool in providing the mind a break, in a world where distraction takes priority.

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