Journalling is a craft which has received profound praise over many centuries.

If there is a single habit that the worlds top performers often partook in, it was without a doubt the art of journalling.

What makes a journal such an invaluable tool?

To journal is to keep a record, maintain clarity, capture ideas, learn lessons from times past,and to maintain gratitude.


One may read the above paragraph and ask: ‘in what way does journalling create gratitude?’ The answer lies in a concept known as gap focus.

In Hal Elrods fantastic book “The Miracle Morning”, the author makes mention of the phenomenon of gap focus, which is; placing immense focus on the gap between ‘who we are’ and ‘who we believe we should be’.

This focus on becoming better versions of ourselves is a fantastic tool, generates desire, drive and catalyses action. Despite this, as mentioned before, it is important that we maintain balance in our focus.

The main benefit we receive from journalling to combat this, is the acknowledgment of progress. When we recognise the progress we have made, there is a deepening of the levels of gratitude for the actions we take, the people we are, and the direction we are headed toward on our journey.