If There Was One Thing

Have you ever used a to do list?

If so, and most likely so, then it is assumed that you would be aware with what I call ‘to-do blindness’, a symptom of recognising what it is exactly that you need to each day/week or more.

What is ‘to-do blindness’? Put simply, it is the phenomenon in which individuals will pick and choose between items in their to-do lists, often times neglecting to tackle the most important item on their list in favour of easier or less necessary ones. But no more.

Oftentimes when we make a to-do list, we place the most important (read: top of mind) item on there first. This would make sense, as it is imperative that we place what it most relevant to us on there first so that we don’t forget. We then proceed to finish our list of what needs to be done.

I implore you to ask yourself and answer the following question, which was taken from Jay Papasan’s brilliant book ‘ The One Thing’:

What is the one thing that I should do now/this week, that by doing so would render all else easier or unnecessary?

Most of the time, it is the first item in the to-do list. By completing that which occupies our mind most, space is freed for more productive matters.