Head On The Pillow

Sleep is a practice that has stood the test of time, and provides a plethora of benefits.

It is important that whilst on our journey, that one maintains a routine of sleep that adequately fulfills the quota of the body.

Our existence offers a toll on the body each and every day, and for all of the value that our body gifts us with, in return we are only asked a small amount of time for repair.

Despite the trend seen often for less sleep, there are times when tradition provides improved results.


Yet again, as mentioned earlier, balance of time spent asleep is also of importance. It is recommended to partake in study for the amount of sleep one requires, and to fulfill the approximate of that time.

Too much sleep will have a similar effect to too little of it.

Through repair, replenishment and rewarding the body for its work; one may find heightened creativity, energy and clarity on their journey.