Happiness Is Chosen

The state of happiness is one which an individual chooses to feel. It can be called upon at any moment, and enjoyed even in times when it would be expected the least.

Happiness is ultimately, like all other emotions, a state of mind. The power that all individuals fail to recognise they possess, is the ability to determine their state of mind at any given moment. One emotions is their choice.

Generally on their journey, happiness is not something which is taken from an individual, but rather is something that is given up. In other words, it is the decision for one to stop feeling happy which inhibits the emotion, rather than the effects of the environment; this phenomenon can be explained by focus.

The most common causes for letting go of happiness are contained below:

  1. Expectations of others: giving away happiness the moment an individual performs an action that differs from what was expected of them. In this instance, it is important for one to remember that all individuals will respond in the manner which pleases them; one cannot control the behaviour of others and therefore it is not worth the fret.
  2. When an individual measures themselves for what they have, or haven’t done. In this instance, recognition for the strength and beauty of oneself will aid tremendously.
  3. Fear of loss.
  4. Fear of less.
  5. Fear of never.

Know that on the journey of lifes experiences, one always has a choice to ignore the uncontrollable, and enjoy what life has to offer. The choice of happiness awaits.