The aforementioned states describe those points at which one is weakest. It is in these frames of mind, that one will often find form the base (read: root) for actions that will prove unproductive and/or destructive.

When arranged as they are above, these states of being are used as an acronym to represent how one should respond to being in said states; to halt what it is that one is doing, and to mindfully handle the frame of mind.

  • If one is hungry: take the time to injest quality fuel.
  • If one is angry: make use of strategies to counteract the emotion that is being experienced, more on that here.
  • If one is lonely: stop what it is that is currently happening, and bring others into the current circumstance.
  • If one is tired: rest, recover, sleep and bring the mind back to its optimal and peak state.

There is not much which one may accomplish when they have found themselves in negative frames of mind. Halt, takinf the extra time may lead to profound results.