Focus On What You Want

Imagine an apple tree. When we plant the tree, we do so knowing that the result we desire from that action, is the growth of the tree. With enough dedication and persistence, the tree eventually bears apples. 

Now let’s shift the perspective and think of the tree as those desires which you have in life. When we have a desire, focus in what it is that we wabt and consistent action towards that is what brings it. 

However, must individuals find that focus is placed on the things which they don’t want, or rather what they want to avoid. These things are often disguised in such a way that it seems like that is what they want. 

The key is in that knowing what you want has zero negative connotations and instead focusses on bringing something toward you, rather than avoiding an outcome. 

A simple example is feeling self conscious. Many individuals will find themselves thinking “I hope noone notices x thing about me” rather than saying “I know everyone will notice this positive thing about me, that being x”. 

Focus on receiving and growing creates a life desired. Focus on avoidance means a life of fear.