Death Should Be A Tool

Existence and consciousness are gifts we are given the moment we enter the realm of being. Through these filters we experience all that life and the world have to offer; beauty, love, colour, sound, sadness, happiness, challenges, victories, creativity and energy.

However, there will be a time for us all, no matter the individual that we will all cease to experience the world through that gift of consciousness. Our time within this life will one day come to an end.

Most individuals despair at the thought of this truth. Attempts to distract and forget the mind of this outcome are often employed, and although effective short-term, these methods do not extinguish the truth entirely. More so, attempting to remove the notion that consciousness will end, tampers with an empowering and effective tool.

When we acknowledge that death will meet us when the time allows, all problems, negativity, issues, concerns and doubts of the mind become non-consequential. When we remember that there is limited time to experience all that we can, it makes sense that we do our utmost to experience as much as we can, in the most beautiful, positive, constructive, creative and empowering way possible

For there is no time for much else, except the wonders we are gifted each day.