Confidence In Clothing

Performance is often the result of the mindset we hold within our headspace. Small adjustments can mean a world of difference in creating an outlook and perception toward being the best version of our self we can portray.

Mindset as a construct is fairly fragile, operating on the basis of associations and habits. With these tools, the mind is able to draw on past experience to establish where it should hold our frame of mind.

Clothing is an extremely powerful anchor which the mind utilises in establishing its current state of mind. There is a saying that ‘the clothes make the [person]’, an anecdote that is not so far from the truth.

Imagine yourself wearing the clothes you feel best in. Oftentimes there are multiple attributes to that piece of clothing which give it the ability of having you feel as powerful as ever. It can be the way it fits, its colour, how it feels on the skin, and plenty more. What gives clothes their exceptional ability to anchor is the phenomenon in how our mind perceives clothing as we wear it.

It has extensively researched and discovered that as soon as we wear clothing, the mind automatically perceives the clothing to be an extension of the self, as opposed to a separate piece of fabric. It makes sense then that it would have such a profound effect; its often literally filtered as who we are.

Time spent managing the wardrobe is often time well spent.