Again & Again

There will be many trials as individuals move forward on their journey. Many have suggested that the reason for this is for life to determine if one is worthy to receive what it is that they desire.

Evidently the concept can make much sense when we take into consideration that it takes a certain level of self development and consistent action to build upon oneself until they are ready to receive that which they desire.

As an example, a creative individual must develop themselves into an individual of high calibre if they are to provide high levels of value into others lives; a feat which involves many hours of ongoing effort and continuous faith that it is to be achieved/attained.

Persistence is a key ingredient to attain what one desires. It involves the use of effort again and again until one reaches where it is that they desire to reach. It would be wise for one to continue along their path no matter the odds; what awaits will most definitely be worth it.