A Time To Do Nothing

The air was still. Movement could not be found, and the sounds of the surrounding area were naught but a whisper. 

As he sat on the cool pavement beneath him, a young man couldn’t help but notice that without the stimulation of the environment to distract him, he could enter the realm of his thoughts; and so in he dove.

He began with his current troubles. A deadline that he had to meet soon convoluted his thought processes, creating a stress filled filter with which he viewed the world. Interestingly enough, as he began to acknowledge that this was a strain on his being, the vicariousness of the thought pattern began to dull down. With awareness came a certain power over the challenge.

Without anything to distract him further (despite yearning for something to take his mind away from his mind), the young man ventured deeper. More and more thoughts came to the surface, and with more awareness and more time to think, he found himself coming up with a plethora of ideas, whilst tackling a multitude of hurdles he’d once faced before.

Ultimately, by doing nothing he had been able to do more than he had for a long time.

Time doing nothing, is often spent contemplating. Time contemplating is more productive than it seems.