A Moment To Recalibrate

It is so easy to get caught up in the nuances of the modern day; distractions become integrated into every day habits rather than as rewards, and it is easier to get lost on a tangent of random thought using the internet than ever before.

Imagine the thought of making music: first you look up a tutorial, find a video on the side of that one, which leads you to a link for some equipment, from there you read a review which leads to another piece of equipment, you look that up, look up further reviews, find a blog you like on music equipment, get lost in their posts, and 1 hour later your further from your goal than ever before.

This makes it more and more important that we take time out of the day to re calibrate the mind; to bring it back to ground zero. A place where our thoughts are made from a solid structure of ourselves, outside of the influence of the seemingly endless vocal opinions of others we can so easily find on anywhere we look.

Time to yourself can be the most productive use of your time today.