Use It or Lose It

A thought is a connected network of thousands if not millions of pathways, in which nerve impulses pass through at speeds that are almost incomprehensible. 

As we use these pathways for our thought, the strength and vitality of them increases, getting stronger with time. 

The same goes with our muscles; as we use them, they become stronger and better conditioned for various tasks. Not only that, but the stronger they get, the potential for more strength increases. 

In these scenarios, as we use the gifts we have been given, they develop and get stronger. 
The same is true for if we neglect to use something we have been given. 

If we neglect to use our muscles, they become weaker. If we neglect to develop our minds and learn new information, we lose the ability for mental growth. In all areas of life the following lesson applies:

If you want to keep an ability or make it greater, continue to use it. Otherwise prepare to lose it.