Invest In Who Invests

There is only one currency in the world which we cannot save throughout our journey; that asset is time.

No matter what may occur, regardless of circumstance, age, profession, relationships, talent or all other things, the one truth is that we are all provided with 24 hours in a day; likewise we all spend those 24 hours at the same pace, but in different ways.

As a result it becomes of paramount importance that we place high value on our time. It is the one asset which we must spend, so it is imperative we spend it wisely.

In life, one will find that it is often other individuals who will consume much of ones time. There are many opportunities that others will find ways to consume ones time; this is not to say that this is negative, on the contrary it is a very positive thing. However, it is important that we decide appropriately who it is that will consume our time on our journey.

There is a golden rule when deciding who to invest in:

Invest in who invests in you. 

Oftentimes people will invest their precious in individuals who do not seek it. It is those who actively invest their own time in ourselves, that have shown through action that they desire our investment back.