Hustle & Work

There are many influential people in the world who have recently begun a trend of hustle. A new culture where it has become more and more  accepted to work more and more toward something.

Their advice generally follows a similar blueprint, which goes something like:

There is nothing that one cannot achieve through work.

I find that this advice is very powerful, in that it ensures that an individual maintain their level of momentum they have cultivated in their pursuit towards their desire. However, there is a key piece of information that is often forgotten in the race to be the hardest working.

In order to maintain success, a key component lies in the art of balance and decision.

Before deciding to hustle, it is important to know exactly where it is you see yourself being in one, two, five and ten years from now; to set up goals and know the direction you intend to take. Otherwise, time can be consumed from hustle that could have been invested in something: a consumption which cannot be taken back.


There is power in work (i.e. taking action). It is the catalyst for receiving in your life all that you desire and envision. In stating that fact, it remains of paramount importance that hustle is directed purposely, rather than by the environment. Otherwise, hustle becomes as beneficial to ones success as merely thinking.

However, in saying that; if one ever finds themselves lost as to what they must do, know that the answer is most definitely to take action.

Remember that planning ahead, is also action.