These are the two most powerful words in the English language. They are a label, defining who it is who think you currently are, and therefore who you will become

  There are many ways to label the same thing.  

There are many ways to label the same thing.  

In doing so, irrespective of what we say the mind will believe the stimulus and have us thinking new thought patterns designed to back up the definition we have designed for ourselves. 

Therefore, each of the following statements will produce the effect the words intend:   

  • I AM strong
  • I AM wise  
  • I AM powerful  
  • I AM grateful  
  • I AM happy
  • I AM beautiful

However what tends to happen is that individuals will automatically place negatively loaded words on the end of the I AM statement. Be careful of these statements, and instead aim to reiterate statements such as the above.  

Harbour The Thought

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.
— Mark Twain

The journey is made more easy or more hard, based on how you feel toward it.


I have been angry before. I have also harboured profound negative emotions towards others for numerous reasons; generally because that individual was pursuing the same desires as me (and was proving to be quite the roadblock on my journey). Needless to say that these internal conflicts were partly a gift - so that I may reflect on them now - and come to the realisation that there is a better way to experience the gift of existence.

More on that soon.

It must be said though that of all of the diverse human emotions that we can embrace, hatred is most definitely the least useful, practical, or helpful of them all. And this is because of a number of reasons:

  1. Biologically these emotions have negative physical effects on the body
  2. Mentally these emotions damage our ability to make decisions and create value for those around us
  3. These feelings don't hurt anybody else, but ourselves. Nor do they leave an impact on anybody else, especially the individual who we are harbouring these attitudes towards. 

Let's go through these points a little further and break them down. 


The human body operates through the most intricate, sophisticated and beautiful network of organic material known to man. To put things into perspective for every slight movement that you make each moment of your life, your body undergoes an extremely complicated process to make sure that movement not only happens but also happens in the way you thought it, with the precision of action you intended to make.

The body is an extremely fragile system.

Not only must the neural network in our minds think of the action, but we must also transduce that thought into an impulse to send down the nervous system towards our arm, which must then be transformed into a chemical concoction, then release it onto our muscles which causes it to contract and move. 

The human body maintains function through the balance of many fragile systems, one of which is the release of hormones throughout the body. One of these hormones which can change the function of the body is cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that increases the bodies stress responses, those being extra strength, increased focus, decreased hunger and more. However it has been found that prolonged exposure to cortisol is also extremely deadly, and is most likely the leading cause of natural death in the modern era. 

I have said before that physiology determines psychology (read: motion determines emotion), and likewise our psychology determines our physiology. When it comes to anger, this is especially true as the computer responsible for releasing hormones throughout the body is - you guessed it - the mind. Findings have shown that activation of the areas of the brain responsible for anger are also responsible for the release of cortisol throughout the body. Remember that hormone I just mentioned - every single time anger fills the mind, the reason it feels so terrible usually is due to the increases in cortisol throughout the body.

And so, anger/hatred = literal biological harm (in some cases premature death). 


To get started on this point, we must understand that there are two sections of the brain that we deal with every single day whenever we do basically anything. The first of these sections is the prefrontal cortex, located at the front of the brain (right where your forehead is). The second is an area called the midbrain, which contains the hippocampus and the amygdala.

 We are always balancing the logical and emotional parts of the mind.

We are always balancing the logical and emotional parts of the mind.

The prefrontal cortex is an extremely important area of the mind, as it is what allows humans to do all of the higher order thinking that makes us the most intellectually advanced beings on the planet. Planning, decision making, consciousness, personality, the voice in your head, idea formation and more all occur in the prefrontal cortex. Most importantly, it is responsible for making the logical decisions in your life and for regulating emotions.

The midbrain contains two areas of the mind which are responsible for two important tasks; memory formation and emotion formation. As a result, this is where the emotion of anger is formed, and also where cortisol is told to release into the bloodstream. What is very fascinating however, is that the midbrain is a more ancient part of the brain than the prefrontal cortex (read: humans have had midbrains longer than the prefrontal cortex).

As a result, it has been shown that when immense activity occurs in the midbrain, it is able to overpower the functioning of the prefrontal cortex. This means that all of the things we normally do, of importance being rational decision making and creating new things through ideas are all switched off. 

There is nothing more paralysing than the emotion of anger or hatred. This ultimately results in a large chunk of time that is spent on limbo.


At the end of the day the only individual who is able to hear and become impacted from each and every thought you have, is yourself.

Harbouring negativity towards someone does not mean that person will learn a new lesson. Nor will the things that are thought impact or touch them in any way. If these thoughts are harming you, the only person whom they will ultimately harm is yourself.

 Negative thoughts only harm the self.

Negative thoughts only harm the self.

To truly make a difference for yourself and others, conceptions that you have would be better spent towards answering three questions:

  • What about my current circumstance am I grateful for?
  • What is a new helpful way to think of (insert person, circumstance, object here) that will bring me a new positive perspective?
  • How can I obtain a lesson from said (thing), and not only teach myself but others what I have gathered?

In my own experience, the answers to these questions have varied every single time. However as an example I once spent a long amount of time wallowing over my health. And so after much deliberation, I cam up with these 3 answers to my concerns:

  • I am grateful that I am able to stand on my own two legs and move myself in any direction I choose of my own free will. Freedom is underappreciated and in this moment I am grateful for its presense in my journey.
  • These issues are an opportunity to take action that I have never taken before, and learn immensely powerful lessons that will change the course of my own life and others.
  • By taking action I can learn what does and does not work to conquer this challenge, and I can endeavour to teach others through experience the ways they can achieve their desired life.

From that experience I was taught the immense power of our mind and thought, which ultimately lead me to create GUYDE.

The Promise

At some stage in your journey, there comes a time when we must define the purpose of the actions we are taking at this time.

When we do so, most people forget this definition, and in doing so lose track of themselves, and the purpose of their actions.

  The bustle most lose themselves in.     

The bustle most lose themselves in.   

So instead, it is important that when we choose why we are doing something, we make that purpose a promise. A promise to ourselves.  

And from then on, the purpose of our current actions is fulfill this promise, that is, to not only work on achieving it but to also not break it.  


This is the best way to avoid regretting time wasted doing what we don't desire. Once we have fulfilled a promise, we move on to what's next for ourselves


Parkinson's Law

For those who aim to be highly productive, there is a law called Parkinson's Law that can improve output dramatically in a shorter allotment of time. 

The law makes use of time pressure and is as follows:

An individuals output increases in direct proportion to the decreasing amount of time given to a task.  

  Chefs often have little time.  

Chefs often have little time.  

When facing a deadline, output of work can rise almost tenfold; increase of focus and reduction of time wasting behaviours is responsible for these outcomes.  

To do more, allow less time to do so.  




To become inspired it is mandatory that neurons within the mind fire in a pattern that is unrecognised by habit. Without such stimulus, the mind remains in a state of autopilot; where neural activity (and therefore brain function) remains baseline and creation-less. 

With new ideas means new neuron wiring (read: new pathway of firing). This is achieved through introducing unexpected and new stimuli into sensory experience. 

A short list of what may reinvigorate the mind include the following (but are not limited to):  

  • Risk
  • Sudden cold temperatures
  • Travel
  • Exciting discussion  
  • Experimentation
  • Reading of unknown material
  • Excitement and humour  

Are You Stagnant?

If you are then stop.  


The answer to creating what you desire for yourself is not taking on more; but rather to embrace less.  

When we allow ourselves time to process thought, we are giving our minds the gift of freedom. With improved space, the mind is given more room to think creatively and ascertain solutions otherwise not thought of.   

Far too often, individuals believe that more distraction and work is the answer to their challenges. Oftentimes instead allowing the mind time to utilise that which it knows can bring greater responses to hurdles than otherwise thought of.  

Allow the mind space to do what it does best. Follow up new thought with new directed action.

A Day For Life



What is in a day?  

First and foremost a day is a measurement of time. As such it is a collection of moments, pieced together on a continuum and strung together through experience. The experiences we are able to encapsulate into a unit of measurement defined as 24 hours is labelled as a day. 

What is in a lifetime?   

A lifetime is quantified by a collection of experiences we encounter. Each is unique and provides something of value for us in that moment of time, these experiences of the environment as a collective unit is defined as a lifetime. 

As such, the collective of actions taken becomes our life. And so, how we act in a day, is how we act for our life.   

Noise In Numbers


Attention has become the new trend amongst creators. Capturing attention has become the new prerogative to the point that the means overwhelm the end. 

Quality and patience for attention have lost their dominance in the marketplace. However, when one thing seems lost, that is often the most opportune time to embrace it

Noise is simply noise. In a crowded space, there is greater power in small numbers. For those who aim to capture attention, focus on the people who care; and on the quality of what you create.

Surround Yourself With Lovers

Many individuals are raised in a crab bucket environment.

What exactly is a crab bucket environment? This environment refers to the phenomenon known as the crab bucket effect.

To know what is meant by the crab bucket effect, one must first inspect the behaviour of crabs when they are placed inside of a bucket. What tends to occur when we place these animals in this scenario is that when one attempts to exit the bucket, the others will pull that crab back into the bucket with them.

Many will find that those around them are most content when they do not prosper, grow and change.

These are the individuals that we must remove from our lives. We must surround ourselves with those that love to see us prosper. 

For lovers create growth and empower us to do better. 

Crabs are those who are envious and have no other outlet.

State Of Play

Creation often occurs best when one is found within a mindset of fun and play.

To experience joy and happiness is the foundation for the formation of those which have shaped the most influential pieces of form that have enveloped history.

Gratitude, faith, vision, positivity, love, peace, action and more all combine when in the best state which we have gifted to experience; pure play.

Imagine the times when you were a child; constantly in a state of creativity, imagination and wonder. In this state, we were always in a state of play. When the mind is given room to expand and grow (through play), the most lucrative, powerful and incredible ideas are given form.

Give the mind a rest, allow it to feel gratitude for all that is beautiful, and love for that which has been gifted to it. Ideas will flow from there.